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Cave guiding

Light and shades. Rocks and sand. Silence, just our bubbles. Stalagmites and Stalagtites. Clear visibility - but one fin kick can change it all. LET'S GO CAVE DIVING!


Looking for a save way to explore new caves and / or practice your skills while being supervised by an instructor?

I am happy to accompany you into the caves! no matter whether you want to lead or want me to take the reel and place the line – let’s schedule a cave dive!


Duration & Dates
this is about you!

certified cave or cavern diver

max. 2 clients

Want to know what this could be like?

Martin & Vinod are certified cave divers. But it’s been a couple of months since their cave training and they didn’t get to do any cave dives meanwhile. Additionally, Cueva del Agua cave in Spain is a highly technical cave and while it may be hard to even find the mainline in the beginning, it’s easy to get lost in the huge cave.

So when they asked me to be their Cave Guide on the first dives back into the cave, we agreed I shouldn’t take the typical “I lead you follow” role, but be an expert member of the team, helping them to pick up where they left.

This also gave me the chance to grab some clips and Martin cut this nice video:


Shaun published an article about his experience in Cueva del Agua: