feel comfortable diving in neutral buoyancy

Extreme Scuba Makeover / Perfect Buoyancy

No NEED to sit on the bottom anymore


You’ve probably seen other divers mistreating the ocean bottom, mistreating reefs, kicking up sediment, creating real trails in posidonia fields, falling on delicate corals, walking on the bottoms (literally speaking), “seahorses”. They need to improve their diving skills. You have probably thought: “I don’t want to be that diver”. 

If we were taught from the beginning not to touch the bottom, to control our buoyancy, to dive horizontally, this course would not be necessary. But the reality is different, most certifiers teach their students kneeling on the floor, it is easier for them to control the exercises and they ensure mass production. The basis of teaching is wrong.

But there is another way:  In UTD we build blocks, it is progressive teaching, we create a solid base to then continue training, but you have to do it right from the beginning.  Are you ready to change?


1 day

certified scuba diver

max. 4 Students

upon request

Cada vez que haga un ascenso y no necesite agarrarme al cabo me acordaré de ti!

Every time I go diving and don't need to hold on to the anchor line, I will think of you!
Want to let go of the bottom?